2017 ACR Saturday Sessions

Artivism: Radical Art Making
Senior Fellow Lead: Ariyah April
"What's art as activism? Who's doing it? Can anyone do it? Can I do it now?" Swing by this session to explore these questions with Ariyah April (National '14). Ariyah left the corporate world to make socially- and environmentally-conscious art as a photographer and painter. Learn more about her work at www.ariyahfineart.com 

Intro to People Power - Talkin’ bout a revolution
Senior Fellow Lead: Teri Brezner and Michael Gagné
Participants will explore social power - what it is, where to find it, and how broad, systemic change happens. Participants will experiment with applying these insights.

Effective Storytelling for Change
Senior Fellow Lead: Jeff Roth
Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" and its application to effective storytelling for change. ​

Book Club Discussion: This Changes Everything
Senior Fellow Lead: Sadie Francis
Book discussion co-hosted with Michael Gagne, going over the major tenants of the book, causes vs. symptoms, discussing the merits of the proposed solutions and how we can work as a network to bring about larger, purposeful organized efforts. 

ELP POC Meetup
​Senior Fellow Lead: Sapna Sapori

Personal Finance
Senior Fellow Lead: Kate Anania

​Revisiting Personal Leadership Planning as a Living Document
Senior Fellow Lead: Christopher Reily
Peer learning workshop on considering how revisit your PLP and maximize its value as a living document.

Nonviolent Direct Action 101 - How to get up, stand up (or sit down) for the resistance
Senior Fellow Lead: Teri Brezner and Michael Gagné
Participants will explore principles and history of NVDA in catalyzing social movements. Participants will be explore NVDA strategy and tactics through the lens of winning campaigns. Participants will experiment with skills for strategic, grounded direct action in conflict scenarios.

Peer Mentoring and Career Transitions
Senior Fellow Lead: Karen Blaney

The Collective Perspective
Senior Fellow Lead: Ted Wong
​The Elephant Builder: a collaborative systems-thinking approach to understanding the root drivers of resilience, vulnerability, and change.

​and more...