Thank you for your interest in ELP’s Virtual National Fellowship Program. This program is on a temporary pause, and we hope to reopen our application cycle in 2024

If you would like to be notified when the application cycle opens for our next National Fellowship program, please fill out this quick form. This will add you to our list of folks that we’ll reach out to as more information is available and when we schedule our next National retreat series. If there is someone else you would like to nominate for the next National Fellowship cohort, you can fill out the same form with their contact information and we will get in touch with them when the next application cycle opens. 

During this time, ELP’s team is engaged in reviewing and updating our curriculum and content in order to best meet the needs of our communities across all our Fellowship programs. With the many ways that people’s lives have been shifting over the last few years and continue to change, our curriculum and staff must be ready to respond in meaningful ways. Like so many, we have worked hard to adapt and adjust as we have faced a pandemic, incredible drains on virtually every societal system, new evolutions of reckoning with racial and social justice in the U.S. and around the world, and the increasingly extreme impacts of climate change. Throughout this time, our staff, Fellows, and facilitators have challenged our program offerings to dig deeper in our exploration of leadership for a just and sustainable future. It’s very important to us that we give our Fellows a high quality experience– which to us means a program that is intentional, relevant, and responsive to the needs of our participants both in terms of content and in community building.

ELP is also undergoing some significant organizational change, including transition of staff and executive leadership in 2022-2023. Along with updating our programs, in the time ahead we will be focused on rebuilding our team, aligning our internal operations with our core values, and of course remaining connected to our communities.

In 2020, when ELP adapted all its programs to remote delivery, we learned that this made it possible for some community members to take part who would not otherwise have been able to join an ELP Fellowship program. While we are working to return to in-person gatherings for much of our programming, we have decided to maintain the National Fellowship as a virtual program in order to continue offering this option to accommodate a range of needs among our community members. We are in the process of reviewing feedback from past virtual participants to structure a program of virtual retreats, community building, and coaching. We’re excited to share more information as things take shape!

If you have any questions or would like more information about the National Fellowship program, you can reach out to Team ELP at

"Like many others, I found ELP at the right time in my personal and professional life. I had been searching for leadership training that is interactive, doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach, holistic, focuses on relationships & relationship building, and addresses systemic & individual actions, and I found all this and more through ELP. The new friends that I’ve made and the personal growth that I’ve experienced – in a virtual setting no less – is something I’ve very  grateful for and feels very much needed, especially in this moment in time. 2020 Fellow 

National Photo

"I was pleasantly surprised at how well the virtual format worked for something that is meant to be an intimate, vulnerable program where we open up about ourselves and our differences and weaknesses. It was obvious how hard the facilitators and senior fellows worked to make this experience everything it could be, and their hard work paid off immensely. I feel more connected now than I have ever since this quarantine began, and I can't begin to say how excited I am to continue to work with this amazing group of people."  ~2020 Fellow