Photo of Kate shows a woman with medium-length straight brown hair, wearing a bright green button-up shirt. She is smiling into the camera, with a blurred background of brick buildings and potted plants

Kate Colarulli

Board Member


Kate Colarulli leads product innovation at CleanChoice Energy where she brings her love of scaling new products and teams to the clean energy and climate space. Her career has spanned for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental institutions in the US and the UK where she has worked on renewable retail supply, community solar, solar development, climate policy, and sustainable agricultural energy solutions. She currently serves on the advisory board for Zettawatts, a clean energy startup. She organized the largest climate rally in US history (Forward on Climate) and built the Keystone XL anti-tar sands campaign into one of the most vocal and widely recognized environmental campaigns of its time. She has run national advertising campaigns in English, Spanish and Vietnamese and managed events for up to 50,000+ attendees. Her work has been featured in marketing textbooks, public relations case studies and has been awarded Best Minority-focused Campaign and Best Public Service Advertising Campaign by the Public Relations Society of America. She has appeared on major media channels including NBC, Fox, NPR, CNN, and Bloomberg. Kate has a passion for mentoring young people and is proud to serve on the Board of the Environmental Leadership Program, a nonprofit dedicated to building the next generation of environmental leaders. Kate holds a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from the University of Cambridge. On weekends, you can find Kate outside in the woods with her family working off her baking hobby. She joined the ELP board of directors in June 2023.