Photo Maya Higgins

Maya Higgins

Program Manager


Maya's heart lies in the American Southwest where she resides in her hometown on the unceded Pueblo land also known as Albuquerque, New Mexico. She enjoys testing the spice tolerance of her taste buds, frolicking (well, mostly napping) in the outdoors, befriending random dogs on walks, borrowing multiple books from the public library at once, cooking elaborate vegan meals, riding her bicycle in costume, getting her hands dirty at a local queer farm, gathering in community, and writing absurdly long run-on sentences about her hobbies. A National 2018 Senior Fellow, Maya's professional hats at ELP include serving as a facilitator, gatherer of Fellows, network weaver, and general thought partner on all things Core Programs and Senior Fellowship. Throughout Maya's life, she has consistently focused on connecting and uplifting individuals to help them take effective action centered around equity, justice, leadership, climate, health, and the natural world. She believes deeply in the power of community and collective action and centers human connection in all that she does.