Photo of Belita Nguluwe, a person with brown skin and long braids swept to one side, wearing a white top with a square neck

Belita Nguluwe

Program Manager, RAY Fellowship Program


Belita Nguluwe (she/they) is a Roger Arliner Young (RAY) Program Manager at ELP. She has close to a decade of combined experience as a domestic and global social impact leader, research scientist, and strategist: specializing in a culturally informed, mission-aligned, collaborative, data-driven framework.

They obtained their bachelor's and master's degree in environmental science with a concentration in marine science and marine, estuarine, and environmental science with a focus on fishery science, respectively, from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She received scholarship sponsorship through the Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center (LMRCSC), whose mission is to prepare a diverse student body for careers in marine and fisheries sciences through exemplary academic and research collaborations. LMRCSC is supported by the NOAA Education Partnership Program with Minority-Serving Institutions, which additionally funded her master's thesis research in ecosystem-based fishery genetics.

She is an expert in synergistic, human-centered program development, management, and partnership liaising. Belita has co-executed initiatives such as an SDGs 2030 informed community-serving initiative and directed CSR engagements with Goldman Sachs while functioning as a member of several committees such as the American Fisheries Society Hutton Junior Fisheries Program, EvalYouth North America P2P and served as Ecology Co-Chair with the Bronx River Alliance.

Belita currently is an Institute for Nonprofit Practice Core Program fellow for 2022-2023 and operates as Vice President of WE (Wise Eagles) Lead Sports Inc. non-profit youth development organization that uses tennis, leadership, and college/career readiness programs to build characters and empower youths to rise above adversity and soar high in all areas of our lives.

In their leisure, she collects Afrofuturistic diasporic folklore on ubuntuisum and innovative adapted, indigenous African spirituality in the U.S. Southern states and the Caribbean.