Photo of Jordan Williams, showing a brown-skinned person with a wide smile, showing a peace sign with their hand, in front of a desert setting

Jordan Williams

Lead Facilitator and Program Manager


Jordan Alexander Williams (they/them) is the Lead Facilitator and Program Manager for ELP’s Core Fellowship Programs. As a queer Hoodoo, earth tender and living ancestor, Jordan trusts that revolutionary leadership manifests through dancing in the moon and sunlight, getting our hands in the soil, working cooperatively and caring for one another, prioritizing those who are most impacted by interlocking systems of oppression, and remembering the earth-sourced wisdom(s) of our ancestors.

Jordan joins ELP for the second time in their life journey, having previously worked as a program coordinator and then manager for the Roger Arliner Young (RAY) Fellowship Program in its early years. As a RAY Senior Fellow and an ELP Senior Fellow with the New England Regional Network, Jordan looks forward to nurturing personal and collective leadership across the ELP Ecosphere, especially with Trans and Queer Black, Brown and Indigenous People of Color. 

Jordan is based in so-called upstate New York, lands traditionally stewarded by Indigenous Nations that include Lenape and Mohawk communities, and by descendants of Indigenous West and Central West Africans living near the eastern coast of Turtle Island by way of the Middle Passage.