What is the All Community Retreat (ACR)?

All Community Retreat 2020 is multi-day, family inclusive/multi-generational gathering, featuring the talents, strengths, and insights of the ELP Community. It's a time for reconnection, restoration, learning, and lots of fun.  This is our 4th ACR, and promises to be the largest gathering yet.

When and Where will ACR take place?

This event will be held June 4-7, 2020 at Silver Bay Conference and Family Retreat Center at their newly constructed William Boyd Center and historic Inn in Silver Bay, New York


A full agenda will be released in March. Expect amazing breakout sessions led by other Senior Fellows, traditional 2-hr lunch break, a collective visioning session, and much more.

What will I learn or discuss?

A dynamic planning team comprised of ELP Senior Fellows will support developing the agenda of topics and activities that will take place.

You can expect to engage in a variety of topics and activities such as:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: How to navigate predominantly white or dominant spaces from the margins, challenging power and privilege without authority, assessing your own power and privilege, and how to foster inclusive spaces.
  • Strengths-Based Leadership: Optimizing your strengths and identifying tangible connections to your professional and personal goals, leading high-performing teams based on SBL.
  • Activism & Collective Impact: Building people power, community organizing and taking action on climate change as a community.
  • Storytelling & Dialogues: Reflections on work on issues such as climate change, working across party lines or in conservative spaces, food sustainability’s intersection with conservation, crafting your personal narrative.
  • Network Weaving: Effectively connecting and building intersectional relationships, with purpose and meaning.
  • Learning Organizations/Organizational Change: Identifying points of leverage and maximizing your sphere of influence, assessing the impacts of change with benchmarks of success, creating equitable pathways for sustainable improvements within a system.
  • Reconnecting with your ELP Class, meeting other ELP Senior Fellows in your region and other parts of the country to learn what is new in your program, as well as learning about how the other programs operate.
How many Senior Fellows will be able to attend?

We want as many of our 1200+ Senior Fellows to attend, but attendance is capped at 200.

Will there be time to play Werewolf or the nostalgic ELP game of my choice?

Absolutely! We love games as much as you, and we believe that some of the deepest and most enriching relationships happen in unstructured times. We will have two hour lunch breaks and plenty of evening time to choose your own adventure.

I’d like to lead a session -- where can I sign up?

Please see our Request for proposals page to learn more and submit an idea.


Is there funding available to support my attendance at this event? If so, how do I apply?

Yes, partial scholarships are available, but very limited. Please indicate on your registration form if a partial scholarship is being requested. Staff will follow up with additional information in Spring 2020.


Is there wheelchair/ADA accessibility throughout the retreat center?

Please indicate on your registration form if you or your registrants have wheelchair/ADA needs so we can accommodate.

Are service animals allowed?

Service animals are allowed at Silver Bay, but support animals are not.  Service animals must have a vest and leash on outside of the guest room, and owners need to pick up after the service animal.

Can I bring my family? Is childcare offered?

We welcome you bringing your family members and children to the ACR. Please make sure to indicate so on your registration form. Please note all guests ages 6 years and older must pay a registration fee (which is all-inclusive of meals/room/board). If bringing children under 6, there is no fee, however please provide their ages and names upon registering . Also, while there are ample family-friendly activities at Silver Bay, they do not provide childcare..

What is the housing and room assignment situation? How many people can fit in each room?

We have a variety of rooms blocked out in the newly constructed William Boyd Center as well as the historic Inn. If you sign up for a double occupancy room, please indicate on your registration form if you have a preferred roommate; otherwise we will assign you a roommate. Please contact us if you are interested in commuting or inquiring about larger than double occupancy housing options on-site.

What is the venue's policy on alcohol?

There will be alcohol at some of the evening activities. Silver Bay YMCA has a restricted alcohol policy that we encourage all participants to review here. 


Fire regulations prohibit smoking in all rooms and buildings on campus. Guests may smoke at the flagpole in front of the Inn. Please dispose of your cigarette butts in the receptacles located at the designated smoking area.

I still have questions - can I talk to a human? 

Contact Jessica Seeley at [email protected]