Mohamad A. Chakaki

Mohamad grew up playing in the sand and surf on both sides of the Arabian Peninsula, and then on the edges of eastern forests and city streets in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. His intellectual and professional interests lie where the lines blur between East and West, cities and nature, art and science, and so on. 

Mohamad holds a Masters of Environmental Management with a focus on Urban Ecology and Environmental Design from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and undergraduate degrees in Religion and Biology from The George Washington University. He completed doctoral coursework at the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT, with research into emerging urban landscapes in the modern Middle East. 

Mohamad has followed his passion for working in nature and with people in parks and gardens across the US, with the Peace Corps in Central Africa, and the United Nations in Syria. He consults on environment and community development projects in both the US and the Arab Middle East. Mohamad was a co-founder of the DC Green Muslims network, is a Senior Fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program, and a faculty member and affiliated trainer with the Center for Whole Communities.

Kevin Hiebert

Kevin Hiebert, owner of Resonate Coaching and Leadership Development, is a trainer, leadership coach and strategy consultant who helps social entrepreneurs and change leaders collaborate across organizational boundaries to create collective impact and systems change. Kevin’s work is informed by his experience in how change happens, systems thinking and experience in prior collaborative efforts.  He is  passionate about collaboration, participatory leadership and seeing collective wisdom and action emerge.

Rochelle Towers

Rochelle Towers decision to become a Life Coach emerged from her own search for who and what she wanted to be in this time of her life. After years of rewarding work in non-profit organizations and schools, coaching allows Rochelle to harvest her rich experience doing something she loves that is also immensely useful.  Most recently Rochelle directed a program to support over 5000 laid off auto workers from the NUMMI Auto Plant in Fremont, CA by training fellow laid off workers to be full-time Peer Support Specialists. Rochelle has many years of experience coaching and developing young leaders as Training Coordinator of California's largest AmeriCorps program where she trained staff and volunteers to unleash their unique talents to the fullest for a wide variety of work performing community service.

Rochelle has been a lifelong activist in issues relating to the environment, human rights, racism and poverty.  She is a graduate of The Coaches Institute where she obtained her coaching certification and attended the Core Strengths Coaching Program at San Francisco State University.  Rochelle holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Social Science and Masters in Social Work from San Francisco State University. She live in Oakland, CA with her partner of over 20 years. 

Doug Wein

Doug Wein leads the independent consulting and coaching company Manifest, as an expert sustainability strategist and professional coach.  Manifest guides sustainability-minded professionals and businesses to clarify and achieve their most critical goals.

As a coach, Doug works with individuals who are dedicated to creating socially and environmentally beneficial impacts.  Doug’s coaching facilitates personal growth in leadership and management skills, big picture planning, and stakeholder influence with impressive results.  He works closely with clients as a thought partner, to spread bold ideas and push forward the frontier of sustainable business.

Doug has led people and organizations for over twenty years, consulting with preeminent companies and non-profits across a wide array of industries: renewable energy development, international health, manufacturing, retail, food production, philanthropy, education, energy efficiency, consulting, environmental advocacy, and more.  He has an MBA from the Ross School of Business and an MS from the School of Natural Resources and Environment, having graduated from the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan.  His undergraduate degree in Psychology is from Pitzer College.  Outside of professional life, Doug is often inventing new culinary sauces to delight his wife, getting covered in sawdust, or building forts with his kids.​

Lisa Yee-Litzenberg

Lisa Yee-Litzenberg is a certified career coach and President of Green Career Advisor, helping people find their career niche and secure their dream jobs in the environmental and social-impact sectors. Lisa has a degree in natural resource management from the University of Michigan and is certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator. She is a regular contributor to online career publications including Idealist Careers and  The Campus Career Coach. Prior to launching her business, Lisa led the graduate environmental career services at the University of Michigan for 10 years where she helped hundreds of students and alumni to successfully navigate the job search process. In addition, she spent 12 years at the National Wildlife Federation working on federal and Great Lakes conservation policy initiatives and collaborated on leadership development initiatives for students and women. In her spare time, Lisa is an avid soccer player, nature nerd, and loves to spend time with her daughter Mia.