Senior Fellow+ is a critical way that ELP’s community contributes to our continued work of supporting visionary, diverse leadership towards a just and sustainable future. Fellows do so much to help broaden and deepen our community through nominating new Fellows and participating in selection committees. Senior Fellow+ takes this one step further to ensure that ELP can continue to develop powerful, effective programming and fund need-based scholarships so cost is not a barrier for anyone to participate in our programs.

Senior Fellow+ Testimonials (made by 100% Real and Honest-to-Goodness Senior Fellows!)

"Of all the dozens of charitable donation requests I get—including multiple former nonprofits I worked for or served on the board of—ELP is the one that feels the most special to me. I know there is no frivolous spending, and the work you do to form a powerful network of senior fellows with shared values actually has a positive impact on other causes I care about."  Jennifer Haugh, New England Regional Network 2014

"At its core, ELP is about people. It's about collaboration and community. It's about staying connected after the initial retreats end. The Senior Fellow+ Program is just one way that Senior Fellows can stay connected to the rest of ELP and contribute to the future of ELP at the same time." Hannah Hunt, Chesapeake Regional Network 2017

"I wanted another way to give back to ELP that had given so much to me. I also feel that the income I receive is connected to the training I received from ELP." E.J. McAdams, Eastern Regional Network 2009


About Senior Fellow+

ELP's Senior Fellow+ Program is a monthly giving program that directly supports scholarships for incoming Fellows and the development of new programs and opportunities for Senior Fellows. Senior Fellow+ means that financial limitations won’t prevent applicants from being able to join our community, and it means increased opportunities for connection, collaboration, and peer mentoring across program, class year and geography.

Based on feedback from participating Fellows, we honestly believe that the biggest benefit SF+ members feel is knowing that their support is helping to grow and strengthen our shared network. However, we do want to recognize that support and show our appreciation, so we offer Senior Fellow+ Program members discounts on Senior Fellow retreats and our All Community Retreats.

Of course, all members of our Senior Fellows Community always have access to the network through our listservs, website, and community events.

Please join ELP's Senior Fellow+ Program today by making a sustaining monthly contribution of $15 or more. That’s about equal to the cost of one kind of fancy coffee every week (plus tip of course), and your gift will directly provide continued growth and development for our community, as well as bringing new Fellows into our network. If you have additional questions about the Senior Fellow+ Program contact  All contributions made to ELP are fully tax-deductible.

3 Ways to Sign Up

  • Set up a recurring donation through Network for Good. 
  • Send a monthly check to ELP, c/o AMS

    1200 G Street, NW, Suite 800

    Washington, D.C. 20005
  • Set up a recurring donation through Paypal below.

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