20 quotes from recent ELP fellows...

1. "ELP is doing the deep transformative embodiment work that is not an option but a necessity for the creation of a just and sustainable future. You all are enriching and empowering the minds of leaders and therefore paving the way for sustainable and equitable climate and environmental justice solutions." -- GLRN Fellow, 2023

2. "ELP was a transformative experience. The community created through this experience is irreplaceable. I went into this program expecting to work on 'hard' skills for my job, check the box, and be done with it. What I got out of this program is so much more-- I not only worked on my own skills and confidence in the work place, but I feel like a different person outside of my professional life as well. I am striving to constantly improve myself in both areas, and ELP gave me the tools to do so. The facilitators for this program are top tier, they asked the right questions, adjusted in real time to accommodate the group, and were incredibly supportive throughout this entire journey. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone." -- Erin Lewis, DEWN 2023

3. "ELP is this magical program that doesn’t expect you to be anything other than the best version of yourself-- the curriculum, the balance with personal connection, with fun, and with teaching us how to practice peer-coaching." -- GLRN 2020 Fellow

4. "ELP was the perfect program at the perfect time for me. It may be the perfect program, period. It has this balance of accountability and gentleness, of pushing and pulling, of care and encouragement with empowerment and growth. I think it can be hard to know what to expect from a leadership program, what it means, what it will do, and if it can help you. Well, leave your fears aside, you can trust the ELP process and the incredible ELP people. ELP was truly effective for me, the process educates, empowers, and encourages, in this fantastically energizing way where you can't wait to start getting into the work, where you know your path forward and have manageable steps that are leverage points for making change." - DEWN 2020

5. Like many others, I found ELP at the right time in my personal and professional life. I had been searching for leadership training that is interactive, doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach, holistic, focuses on relationships & relationship building, and addresses systemic & individual actions, and I found all this and more through ELP. The new friends that I’ve made and the personal growth that I’ve experienced – in a virtual setting no less – is something I’ve very grateful for and feels very much needed, especially in this moment in time. -- Novem Auyeung, ERN 2020

6. “I never imagined how connected and exhilarated I could feel after 3.5 days spent with a completely new group of people and ideas, especially in a virtual format. ...I am eager to continue through the year, and I am grateful for meeting so many smart, thoughtful, supportive individuals who I am confident will enable me to bring out my full potential as a fellow and leader." Alexandra Molnar, NERN 2020

7. "ELP has created a magical experience composed of thoughtful and progressive content; skilled facilitation that allows time for learning, connection and personal reflection each in their turn; skill building through direct experience; inspiring and beautiful retreat settings; and maybe most importantly, the sense that what you leave with is something that you can take with you where ever you go. Each ingredient elevates the others. People are at the core of the experience and ELP has done a fantastic job of attracting some pretty exceptional people (staff, facilitators and participants)." --Taylor Jang, PRN 2019

8. “The experience was exhilarating, inspirational, motivating, and exciting. Nudging me to mildly uncomfortable places facilitated great introspection, growth, and “a-ha” moments. The facilitators are an excellent team. I’d wish every human being to be lucky enough to undergo this experience.  --Deborah Beer, DEWN 2016

9. “I can’t think of another time when I laughed so hard and learned so much!” --Katie Bush, NERN 2015

10. “ELP has given me the skills and tools to map out change I’d like to see in my organization’s programs. It has also provided me with the space to share my personal and professional plans and my POD will hold me accountable and help me succeed.” --David Chang, National 2015

11. “The interactive activities were effective at conveying difficult topics and themes in an engaging, non-confrontational manner. The facilitators were dynamic, attentive, and engaging. I sincerely appreciated their ability to create meaningful dialogue.” --Saleem Chapman, ERN 2015

12. ​"The ELP PNW Fellowship came at the perfect time in my personal and professional development.  I had found modest success in my own work so far, but the close friendships I was able to form through ELP with ~20 diverse people across the environmental field in the PNW have already dramatically broadened my perspective—both personally and professionally—and introduced many new opportunities for projects and collaborations.  Beyond the direct networking benefit, the trainings on diversity, learning organizations, and strength-based leadership have been directly applicable to my own work and are already attracting interest as I bring these ideas back to my organization.  I am so grateful for this opportunity, and am more excited than ever for the future." --David Diaz, PNW 2014

​13. “ELP is unique in that it focuses on self-actualization and personal leadership before professional leadership. I can’t recommend the approach and ELP more highly.” --Nathan Herschler, National 2015

14. “This has been the best example of leadership and facilitation I have ever seen; it’s obvious you are professionals at what you do. This has been one of the best experiences of my career so far and I am looking forward to the next retreat.” --Jamie Knecht, DEWN 2015

15. "ELP is a journey in which you get to know fellow environmental professionals in a deep way that you couldn’t experience anywhere else. You hear and share in their frustrations, as well as their joys and strengths. ELP helps you to stretch your mind and believes so you can take a renewed energy back to your organization." --Heidi Kunka, ERN 2014

16. ​​“Facilitation was brilliantly executed - creating instant comfort and turning strangers to friends with unique depth and speed.”  --Juniper Leifer, DEWN 2015

​17. “Revealing and empowering experience. I totally trust this leadership program will make me not only a better professional but a better person immersed in a diverse community.” --Laura Marincola, ERN 2015

18. ​“Be prepared to dig down, get personal, and have your mind-blown in the most thought-provoking way!” --Kristen Meistrell, DEWN 2015

19. "This experience moved me in truly unexpected ways. The constant support and appreciation allowed me to grow and live in a learning environment. It was transformative and one of the best experiences of my life." --Ismail Ocasio, ERN 2014

20. "I was told before coming to this retreat that it would change my life, but nothing could have truly prepared me for what it would be like to spend 4 days with 19 of the most profoundly talented and beautiful people in the world and build a community of practice together." --Elizabeth Theriault, NERN 2014


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