How to Be Effective: An Introduction to Planning

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015
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Potent Planning for Personal and Professional Productivity from Environmental Leadership Program on Vimeo.

Melissa Mann presents on Potent Planning for Personal and Professional Productivity

Come explore a rigorous planning method that will allow you to focus your time, plan it more realistically, and execute around priorities. Melissa Mann, currently an ELP New England fellow, will share a rigorous approach to planning learned in Green Corps, the field school for Environmental Organizers. This approach has allowed year after year of Green Corps organizers to lead campaigns that would not be possible without such a disciplined approach to personal planning and time management.

Melissa Mann is the Advocacy Coordinator at Maine Conservation Voters. Melissa implements MCV’s grassroots and field organizing communications programs, oversees data management and manages MCV’s environmental scorecard. Originally hailing from New Jersey, Melissa fell in love with the Maine outdoors as a teenager spending summers on the Belgrade Lakes. As an Environmental Studies major at Hamilton College, Melissa honed her passion for environmental justice and protection through her studies and research. She received an Arthur Levitt Research Fellowship over the summer of 2012 to identify and evaluate brownfield opportunity areas in Brooklyn and to analyze the resulting impacts on local industry and open space. After graduating with honors in 2013, Melissa completed a one year fellowship with Green Corps, the Field School for Environmental Organizing. Over the course of the year, Melissa worked with Food and Water Watch and the Sierra Club to respectively end the sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics on livestock and to retire outdated coal plants. She also served as the Assistant Director of a canvass office for the Fund for the Public Interest in Florida, which broke the state’s fundraising record. Melissa recently moved to Portland, and is enjoying exploring the new city and trekking in Maine’s wilderness. Contact Melissa at [email protected]