April 25, 2020

Successful leaders don't lose passion after success or confidence after setbacks. They use success and failure as teachers that turns them into sources of focus and energy. In this webinar you will:

Bring your questions on how to make success and failure your teachers

Reflect on how you have already used success and failure as teachers

Learn a process for extracting actionable lessons from your experiences as a leaders

Develop clarity on how to help others learn from their experience

Workshop designer and facilitator Jack Ricchiuto is the 13-time author of “Abundant Possibilities” (DesigningLife Books 2013). Jack is a leading voice and practitioner in the positive psychology and strengths based engagement movements. For over 30 years, Jack has worked in the US and globally with people committed to making a difference in their communities and organizations. Working as facilitator, writer, coach, and storyteller, the focus of his work is change. For more about Jack