Downloadable PDF of Job Description: Outreach and Selection Manager

Title: Outreach and Selection Manager 

Salary Range: $60,000 - $65,000 

Job Status: Exempt 

FTE Status: Full time 

Location: The role is primarily remote, with regular team and all-staff meetings  taking place virtually. Some travel to in-person retreats and staff gatherings is part of this role.

Application Link: https://elpnet.org/elp-job-application 

Application due by: September 25, 2023



The Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is seeking an Outreach and Selection Manager to take a key role in ensuring a robust applicant pool for ELP’s Regional and National (Core) Fellowship Programs.

The Outreach and Selection Manager will work collaboratively with a small, close knit team to deliver and advance substantive, purpose-driven leadership development programming through ELP’s Core Fellowship Programs. This team member will be the primary steward of research, outreach, and relationship building with potential applicants for Core Fellowship programs (approximately 30% of the role). Additionally, this team member will coordinate the application and selection process (which includes relationship building and weaving with our Senior Fellow community who help us select new Fellows), and support the onboarding of incoming Fellows (approximately 25% of the role). Finally, the Outreach and Selection Manager will work closely with other members of the team to implement the annual program cycle, which will include staffing and supporting in-person and/or virtual retreats, and may include facilitating in-person and/or virtual retreats. All members of our team support some retreat staffing in some way, depending on both individual interests, and program staffing needs. 

Officially, this position will report to the Director of Core Fellowship Programs. In practice, our team members work collaboratively, build consensus and seek consent when making decisions that impact the collective, and communicate openly and transparently to build trust with each other. We are in ongoing conversations about how this value of cooperation is reflected not only in our ways of working together, but also in the official structure of our program team. And we look forward to continued co-creation with a new Outreach and Selection Manager!



ELP is a purpose-driven nonprofit organization working to center equity as we serve  our communities. We support visionary, action-oriented, and diverse leadership for a  just and sustainable future. ELP aims to catalyze change by providing emerging  leaders with the support and guidance they need to launch new endeavors, achieve  new successes, and rise to new leadership positions. For more, visit www.elpnet.org

The Outreach & Selection Manager will have the opportunity to work  collaboratively with the rest of the Program team, our Senior Fellow community, and other partners to shape and implement a comprehensive, iterative review and update of ELP’s Core Fellowship programs. 



The key responsibilities and tasks of this role are: 

Research & Outreach (30%) 

  • Work with the Core Programs team to develop and implement equity-centered outreach plans and campaigns, to share program opportunities with potential participants, and to weave a cohesive story of ELP.
  • Research and generate referral sources to ensure a diversity of voices and experiences within our programs. 
  • Manage outreach process, including but not limited to:
  • Email and phone outreach to potential candidates
  • Creating and maintaining email templates and outreach campaigns in Salesforce
  • Online research (including LinkedIn) to identify potential applicants
  • Outreach and follow up on nominations by Senior Fellows
  • Responding to questions about the program or selection process
  • Keeping track of all outreach-related correspondence in Salesforce

Selection (25%) 

  • Recruit and onboard volunteers for selection committees from ELP’s Senior Fellow community (Senior Fellows are people who have completed and “graduated” from an ELP fellowship)
  • Create and populate internal documents to organize information about applicants and the selection committee.
  • Schedule and facilitate selection calls with selection committees volunteers, in which volunteers will share their insights and recommendations based on their conversations with applicants. 
  • In partnership with the Core Programs Team, communicate with selected fellows about their acceptance, including having conversations about scholarship/financial considerations.
  • In partnership with the Core Programs Team, communicate with fellows who were not selected, about deferring or reapplying for next year.
  • Support communication with incoming and current ELP Fellows, including  onboarding and necessary information throughout the program. 

Retreat Staffing & Facilitation (25%) 

  • Attend program retreats as staff support – this may include travel to some in-person retreats and attendance at some virtual retreats in the role of logistical support.
  • Participate in meetings about program scheduling and retreat staffing, with the aim of balancing program needs with the capacity and interest of individual team members.
  • Generally support the team with retreat logistics, assessing the overall impact of our programs, and advancing our continuous development.
  • As interested, grow embodied facilitation knowledge and skills and participate in the facilitation of ELP’s program retreats (in-person and/or virtual).



Additional responsibilities and tasks of this role are: 

Shared Leadership (10%) 

  • Be an active participant in programmatic and organizational shared leadership. 
    • At ELP we embrace a culture of collaboration and collective process in the decisions that affect our shared work. 
    • As a program, this includes: participating in budget and work planning meetings, participating in regular program check-ins and deep dives to vision, plan, reflect, and integrate lessons learned, and regularly collaborating, advising, or weighing in on general programing needs as we move through the year.
    • As an organization, this includes attending All Staff meetings, All Staff retreats and discussions about the vision, values, structure, and direction of the organization, and embodying ELP’s anti-racism and shared leadership philosophy and values.
  • Participate in regular check-ins to assess our work, and offer and receive feedback among fellow team and staff members. 

Continuous Improvement (10%) 

  • Be accountable to your personal growth, development, and learning.
  • Identify personal and professional goals, growth edges, needs, and desires for your role and how you show up with others at ELP.
  • Continue to develop personal and professional knowledge and skills.



Qualified candidates should have 3+ working cooperatively with a range of personalities and roles, and at least 2 years of experience in outreach and relationship building.



Candidates for the position should be:  

  • Passionate about ELP’s mission to support and develop leadership for a just  and sustainable future. 
  • Comfortable meeting new people regularly, and skillful in building and  fostering community relationships. 
  • Empathetic, innovative, creative, self-motivated and attentive to detail. 
  • Dedicated to continuous improvement and a culture of learning, care, and  support. 
  • Someone with strong interpersonal skills and a commitment to continued  development in these areas: collaboration, flexibility, empathy, and a life  outside of work.
  • Committed to justice and ideally with lived experience within the systems,  barriers and inequities that impact historically excluded communities,  especially communities of color. 
  • Familiar and comfortable participating in organizational anti-racism work. 

And should have some experience (or strong desire to learn) in the following: 

  • Ability and discipline to work remotely. 
  • Using cloud-based collaborative software such as: Microsoft Office products, Google Docs, Dropbox, Email Marketing, etc. 
  • Managing relationships in Salesforce CRM, or in a different CRM (customer relationship management) platform. 
  • Networking and establishing relationships in person, by phone, and by email. 
  • Public speaking and presenting, virtually and in-person.
  • Developing engaging outreach materials such as: flyers, emails, social media content, short videos, Google Slides or Powerpoint presentations, etc.
  • Building trust with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds. 
  • Cultivating community across identity differences and across geographies. 
  • Having consent-based conversations with individuals about program costs and personal finances. 
  • Working cooperatively with a wide range of personalities and roles.



ELP pays salaries that are competitive with nonprofits of our budget size and offers  generous vacation and medical benefits, 401(k) contribution, professional  development funds, health and wellness days, and a sabbatical policy. This position  is a Manager-level role with a salary range of $60,000 - $65,000.



To be considered, submit your résumé, cover letter and salary requirements through our online application at  https://elpnet.org/elp-job-application

A note on the cover letter: Tell us a story! Rather than listing all of your qualifications and experiences, we’d love to know about your values, what you are passionate about, and how you envision working in collaboration with this team. The invitation is to give us a glimpse of who you are.

 ***(We encourage you to let your résumé speak for itself in terms of your relevant qualifications and experiences)***

Applications will be accepted until Monday, September 25th at 11:59pm Pacific Time

Application Timeline: We plan to hold two rounds of interviews for this position: the first round during the dates October 2-6, and the second round during the dates of October 9-13. We will begin reference checks concurrently with the second round of interviews. Only a portion of applicants will move from the first round to the second. We will inform all applicants on where they are in the process.  

We aim to extend an offer for this position by Friday, October 20th, and for this position to start by November 1, 2023 or soon thereafter. 

All of these dates have the potential to shift if needed, and we will communicate any changes to this timeline with applicants. 



ELP is committed to the principles of equal opportunity. ELP’s organizational policies,  practices, programs, activities and decisions regarding employment, hiring,  assignment, promotion, compensation, volunteerism, internships and other terms  and conditions of employment or voluntary service shall not be based on a person’s  race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, mental or physical disability, ancestry, military discharge status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital  status, source of income, parental status, housing status, or other protected status,  in accordance with applicable law. 

We strongly encourage applications from Black and Indigenous people, people of  color, immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQIA+  community, as well as individuals from other underrepresented and historically  marginalized communities. We recognize the lived experiences and leadership of  these individuals as being fundamentally relevant to ELP’s work in advancing our  mission. Non-traditional candidates are also welcomed and encouraged to apply.