About the network: 

The Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program (DDCSP) Alumni Network was established in 2017 to support the ongoing networking and professional development of the 500+ alumni of DDCSP. DDCSP is an initiative funded by the Doris Duke Foundation (DDF)  to prepare the next generation of diverse environmental conservation professionals. 


Our purpose: 

DDCSP Alumni Network aims to cultivate a supportive community centered on intersectionality, environmental and racial justice, collective liberation, accessibility, and transparency where alumni leaders can connect, build their capabilities and unleash their collective power to address systemic challenges and inspire new equity-centered solutions for the environment, their communities, and society. 

What we do:

The Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) manages the continued development of the DDCSP Alumni Network through online programming, leadership retreats, and other in-person gatherings to:

  • Strengthen and sustain relationships of DDCSP cohorts and cultivate new and lasting cross-program alumni connections
  • Support and uplift alumni in their growth towards their personal, professional and educational goals, activism work and engagement, and social wellbeing
  • Connect DDCSP alumni to broad network of conservation and environmental professionals and new career opportunities
  • Create opportunities for alumni to practice leadership and self governance by taking ownership of the alumni network

To learn more about the DDCSP Alumni Network, visit https://ddcspnetwork.org or contact Lucy Alejos at Lucy@elpnet.org.