The Environmental Leadership Program supports environmental and social change practitioners eager to connect their specialized work to larger environmental and social concerns. ELP is committed to selecting Fellows that represents diversity of race and ethnicity, gender, sector, sexual orientation, education levels, professional background, values and traditions, and expertise. We believe in a broad definition of leadership that goes beyond positional power and recognizes that leadership is present and possible at all levels of work in our sectors. 

Our Regional Fellowship Programs offer intensive leadership and skill training, regional and national networking opportunities, and time for personal and professional reflection. Through retreats and optional additional trainings, our curriculum helps emerging leaders hone their leadership styles, improve their strategy and organizational development, and strengthen their outreach to diverse constituencies. 

Learn more about our Regional Fellowship Programs:

Chesapeake Regional Fellowship

Delaware River Watershed Network

Eastern Regional Fellowship

Great Lakes Regional Fellowship

New England Regional Fellowship

Pacific Regional Fellowship

Pacific Northwest Regional Fellowship


If you do not live or work in a location eligible for the Regional Fellowship Program, you might be interested to learn more about our Virtual National Fellowship Program which includes Fellows based across the U.S. Wondering which ELP program is the best fit for you? We've got some guidance here

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