Senior Fellow Organizing Retreat

Organizing: People, Power, and Change

Are you fed up with the status quo and interested in building people power for change? If so, this retreat might be for you.

WHAT: An organizing bootcamp on the organizing practices defined by Marshall Ganz:  

  • Building Shared Relationship
  • Creating Shared Narrative
  • Developing Shared Strategy
  • Effecting Shared Structure
  • Facilitating Shared Action

WHEN: September 6-9th, 2018

WHERE: Pendle Hill retreat center in Wallingford, PA (30 minutes outside Philadelphia).

WHO: 20 ELP Senior Fellows who:

  • Have demonstrated commitment to building power for positive change
  • Have some experience with advocacy, organizing
  • Have a sense of how they will use these skills to further the campaigns rooted in a particular constituency.

If you're not sure what organizing is, the interview/discussion between journalist, Bill Moyers, and veteran organizer, Marshall Ganz, will help be an inspiration. The title of the show is "How People Power Generates Change." On the other hand, if you're clear you want to apply right away, fill out the short application now.

COST: Due to the generosity of the William Penn Foundation, this training is being offered at a subsidized rate of $350 (including 3 nights at Pendle Hill and all meals between Thursday lunch and Sunday lunch). The cost will be $300 for those enrolled in the Senior Fellow+ program. Please don’t let the money hold you back; if you feel it might, talk to us.

FACILITATION: Facilitation will be provided by ELP staff and Peter Gibbs, Co-Director of Organizing BC.

TRAINING GOALS: Some of what you might get out of this retreat:

  • Participants will feel more empowered and confident in organizing, i.e. building power for progressive change.
  • Participants will emerge with greater understanding of the 5 organizing practices
  • Participants will hone their public narratives (Story of Self, Us, Now), develop project/campaign organizing statements, and practice skills including 1:1s, coaching, sequencing tactics.
  • Participants will create a learning container that allows for risk-taking, deep sharing, etc. and create a structure for ongoing peer coaching.

APPLY: Fill out the application