ERN (2017)

Consultant, Self-employed marketer, editor and writer.

Verona, New Jersey

National (2019)

Program Manager, Urban Waters Learning Network/ Groundwork USA

New Orleans, Louisiana

PNWRN (2019)

Assistant Director, University of Washington

Seattle, Washington

National (2004)

Boulder, Colorado

CRN (2015)

Silver Spring, Maryland

GLRN (2019)

Environmental Health Senior Associate, Hoosier Environmental Council

indianapolis, Indiana

NERN (2006)

DEWN (2019)

Assistant Director of OST program, and Part time staff and the Academy and Aquarium, Catholic Social Services, Academy of Natural Sciences, and Camden Aquarium

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

NERN (2011)

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

CRN (2013)

Director of Urban Agriculture, The Green Scheme

Washington, District of Columbia

DEWN (2016)

NERN (2013)

President & CEO, Healthy Smart Homes

Quincy, Massachusetts

ERN (2015)

Program Associate, Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program

Piscataway, New Jersey

National (2015)

Co-Founder, Rust Belt Riders Composting

Cleveland, Ohio

National (2016)

Communications Coordinator, Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition

Ann Arbor, Michigan

DEWN (2019)

Community Ombudsman, Delawre Dpet. of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

New Castle, Delaware

National (2003)

Senior Policy Director, Keystone Policy Center

Washington, District of Columbia

National (2002)

CRN (2016)

One DC

Washington, District of Columbia

DEWN (2018)

Environmental Protection Specialist, Environmental Protection Agency

West Chester, Pennsylvania