Mary Vasse

CRN (2013)

Major Gifts Officer

Anacostia Watershed Society

Bladensburg, Maryland

I believe a great source of nonprofits’ power to foster innovation and move important conservation agendas forward is through partnerships with corporate, community and multi-nonprofit interests. I enjoy building relationships that feed success for all involved. I have worked in environmental conservation in different roles for 17 years with the past twelve years in the nonprofit world. The diversity of my work experience is a big part of my perspective. I have been a grant-maker, evaluating proposals and working with nonprofit grantees doing watershed restoration, wildlife protection and recreation projects.  I have also been a fundraiser, raising money for nonprofit conservation initiatives and partnerships. I have worked in very rural communities where sustainable ranching, forestry and environmental restoration is the key to long-term community survival. I have developed conservation and volunteer programs, and been a community organizer. I have worked closely with the USDA Forest Service and state agencies to knit together partnerships with nonprofit and community conservation initiatives. My work resume includes:

Potomac Conservancy, Director of Development

Anacostia Watershed Society, Director of Development & Major Gifts Officer

National Forest Foundation, Associate Director, Conservation Program & Northwest Director

Sustainable Northwest, Director, Community Programs & Community Programs Officer

Columbia River Gorge Commission, Planner

National Park Service, Program Associate

My home town and home landscape is New Paltz, NY, about an hour and a half north of New York City in the Hudson Valley. The places I’ve had longest residence as a professional are: Silver Spring, Maryland; Philadelphia; the small town of Stevenson, Washington in the Columbia River Gorge; Portland (Oregon).

Traveling extensively to work with small ranching and forestry communities in the Northwest I have spent a lot of time in the kinds of towns where the early-risers have their own key to the town coffee shop and just let themselves in at 5am for the morning community gathering that gets everyone started. I’ve also lived in London, Paris and New York City for short times as well – I love the energy of large cities. In 2009 I moved with my family from Portland, Oregon to Washington DC. After spending some time getting my family settled, I did some consulting with nonprofits in fundraising, research and writing. When not working I like to be with my family outdoors, taking hikes (urban hikes as well as nature hikes), canoeing and adventuring through the east coast’s history and heritage.