Nathaly Agosto Filion

ERN (2015)

Resiliency Manager

NJ Resiliency Network, Sustainable Jersey

Jersey City, New Jersey

Nathaly Agosto Filión serves as a Resiliency Manager with the NJ Resiliency Network, a post-Sandy initiative that matches municipal recovery and resiliency needs with resources provided by government, private, non-profit and academic organizations. Prior to joining the Resiliency Team at the Sustainability Institute @TCNJ, Nathaly worked as a Program Officer with the U.S. Climate Adaptation Program at the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) where she supported the development, design and delivery of national and regional capacity building programs for and in partnership with municipal climate and sustainability practitioners, such as ISC’s flagship Climate Leadership Academy, the Urban Sustainability Leadership Academy, Gulf Coast Resilient Communities Program, Resilient Vermont Project, Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact and Western Adaptation Alliance. 

Since graduating from the Ecological Planning Program at the University of Vermont, Nathaly has worked as a municipal climate action planning consultant, community organizer and environmental educator. Her graduate project, "Preparing and Adapting to Climate Change in Rural Dominican Republic: An Assessment of Community Preparedness for Lake Enriquillo Flooding," focused on bridging the distance between national climate adaptation planning and community-level development priorities, especially in the context of disaster risk preparedness.

Nathaly is passionate about building sustainable and resilient communities; as such, she practices environmental and social justice activism, local emergency preparedness, personal behavior change and civic engagement. Nathaly is a founding member of 350Vermont and 350Dominicana, and Junta de Apoyo for Migrant Justice/Justicia Migrante. She lives in Union City with the love of her life, Ramiro.