Robyn Eason

National (2015)

Long Range Planning & Sustainability Planner

City of West Hollywood, CA

Los Angeles, California

Personal pronouns: She, her, hers

I am a fun-loving, challenge-seeking professional who strives for excellence in the sustainability profession, while enjoying the diversity of people, places, and things that makes the built environment so fascinating and unique.

I am spellbound by our expansive ecosystem--how it is ever-evolving and ever-changing. I am captivated and committed to the intersectional components of sustainability that make this field such a powerful movement in shaping the way we heal from past and present traumas and uplift humanity and the natural living world. I stand in solidarity with all oppressed groups and aim to approach the profession in ways that amplifies inclusivity, reciprocity, and equitable outcomes for all such groups and diverse identities.

My experience seeks to incorporate the vast array of elements, strategies, & expertise necessary to create livable communities through change management and targeted universalism.

**Core competencies include: sustainable communities, neighborhood revitalization, green building programs, climate action planning, economic development, adaptive systems thinking, organizational development, and professional leadership.