Sarah Bellos

SERN (2007)

Nashville, Tennessee

Sarah Bellos is founder and president of Stony Creek Colors, based in Nashville, TN. Using knowledge, skills and connections from 9 years’ experience in the textile and dye industry, Sarah developed Stony Creek Colors to help lead the sustainable transformation of the textile dye industry.  Drawing from her background as a farmer and sustainable agriculture advocate, Sarah and her team have created an innovative, small farmer-based supply chain for natural dyes that meeting the technical and volume requirements of major fashion brands.  Prior to launching Stony Creek Colors, Sarah operated Artisan Natural Dyeworks, a textile dye house focused on garment and piece dyeing for independent fashion designers seeking plant-based dyes at a commercial scale. She has been a leader in research efforts to bring bio-based colorant production to farmers in the Southeastern U.S., including through a Value-Added Producers Grant (VAPG) and a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant.  Sarah was previously co-founder and organizer with Nashville Urban Harvest, Nashville's first volunteer-run community farm. Sarah is a Senior Fellow in the Environmental Leadership Program's SERN Class of 2007. Sarah has also participated in Tennessee's NextFarm Ag Innovation Accelerator, Wild Gift, and the PERC Enviropreneur Institute. Sarah lives on a small farm in Whites Creek, Tennessee and graduated cum laude from the College of Agriculture at Cornell University (NY) in 2004.