Allysia Angus

National (2006)

Escalante, Utah

Allysia Angus is the landscape architect/land use planner for Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (Utah), the first Bureau of Land Management (BLM) national monument and a flagship unit of BLM's National Landscape Conservation System. Allysia is one of the very few landscape architects within BLM nationally and is an instructor for BLM's National Training Center Visual Resource Management Course. She works on a variety of planning and design projects within BLM as well as in an outreach capacity to local, regional, and state partners. Allysia served as project lead for BLM's effort to produce the agency's first version of Guidelines for a Quality Built Environment which addresses how to plan and design facilities that are sustainable, functional, cost-effective, and respond to their place and setting.  She is also on the Utah Scenic Byway 12 Foundation's Executive Committee, does the marketing and advertising for the Escalante Canyons Art Festival, and is one of the organizers of her local community Farmer's Market.  Allysia recently completed, with the help of many of friends, the construction of a small strawbale home.  In her spare time, she wanders around the canyons and plateaus of southern Utah with her dogs and a camera.