Ami Zota

National (2005)

George Washington University

San Francisco, District of Columbia

 Ami Zota, ScD, MS is a postdoctoral fellow and uses her expertise in epidemiology, exposure assessment, and environmental justice to investigate the prenatal origins of environmental health disparities. She recently received a career development award from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to examine the combined effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals and chronic psychosocial stress on the maternal and child health of diverse communities. Dr. Zota completed her masters and doctorate in environmental health at the Harvard School of Public Health in 2007. Ami is also deeply committed to translating the meaning of science into prevention-oriented action in the clinical and policy arenas. She has acted as a scientific advisor to: Breast Cancer Fund and Women’s Voices for the Earth, two leading national non-profit organizations whose focus is to identify and advocate for elimination of environmental causes of breast cancer and other illnesses; as well as the California Nail Salon Collaborative, which addresses reproductive and environmental justice and health issues facing nail salon workers using policy, research, and advocacy.  Through her participation in the Environmental Health News Science Communication Fellowship Program, she disseminated important scientific findings to the broader public by writing blog entries and scientific summaries for Environmental Health News. She was a National Fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program from 2005-2007.