Amy Eberhardt

NERN (2011)

White River Junction, Vermont

Amy is the Associate Director for Global Campuses Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization that offers continuing education to people with disabilities.  Amy's focus area is Vermont and New Hampshire, and she oversees daily operations, PR and Marketing and fund development for the region. Amy also manages the Lebanon Farmers' Market, started in 2003.  The market is year-round and hosts over forty vendors. Alongside her work at the Farmers' Market, Amy has worked on various consulting projects to increase the level of local-food consumption in the Upper Valley area of Vermont and New Hampshire. Amy is also a board member for a local food-delivery organization, Willing Hands, whose mission is to re-allocate food donations from local grocery stores to populations in need.  Amy graduated from Davidson College with a BA in History and is pursuing a MS in Managing Mission-Driven Organizations from Marlboro College.