Brandy Brooks

CRN (2015)

Founder & CEO

Radical Solutions LLC

Kensington, Maryland

Personal pronouns: She, her, hers

Brandy Brooks (She/Ella) is the Founder & CEO of Radical Solutions LLC ( and serves on the Leadership Team for Political Healers ( Brandy is an organizer, educator, facilitator, and designer with 15 years of experience working on social and environmental justice. Her expertise includes: community organizing and power-building, community-based design and land use planning, and food justice and food sovereignty. She was the founding executive director of the Community Design Resource Center of Boston and has held senior management roles in various institutions. Brandy supports equity and justice for communities of color and communities with low income and wealth by advocating for equitable representation and community-led decision-making in housing, land use development, economic development, environmental and climate policy, and other critical community issues.

Brandy holds a Master in Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management from Suffolk University, and a Bachelor of Design Studies with a concentration in Design Computing from the Boston Architectural College. She is also an alumna of Harvard College.