Caren Cooper

ERN (2011)

North Carolina

Personal pronouns: She, her, hers

I am an ecologist at an institution that operates simultaneously within academia and as an environmental conservation NGO. Much of my professional work centers on Citizen Science, which is the involvement of the public in genuine scientific research, usually through the contributions of natural history observations. The path that brought me to science, conservation, and ecology was through nature-based recreation. Other than research studying birds, I study the human dimensions of conservation, and I am interested in public empowerment through engagement in science and through increased media literacy.  In my community, I have served on the Board of Directors of the Finger Lakes Community for Humanistic Judaism, a non-theistic ethical community for the last 6 years. Through community actions, we express values of equality, justice, reason, and compassion.  In this way. I am part of the New Humanist/Atheist movement.  I grew up in North Carolina and have lived in Ithaca, NY for 10 years, with my husband and 2 children.