Kate Swails

NERN (2015)

Marine Mammal Policy Analyst


Gloucester, Massachusetts

Kate is a public affairs specialist with NOAA Fisheries Service in Gloucester, MA. She is also the education/outreach contact for the office. 

Before joining the communications world, Kate was the coordinator of stakeholder teams working to reduce entanglements of marine mammals in commercial fishing gear. These teams are groups of stakeholders that include fishermen, conservationists, marine mammal scientists, state government representatives, and NOAA policy workers, that meet together and come up with plans to reduce the risk of entanglements. Kate's job was to coordinate the teams and help them through the process of creating regulations.

Prior to working in the Gloucester office, she worked as a fisheries biologist in NOAA's Headquarters office in Silver Spring, MD. Kate’s job in the Permits, Conservation, and Education Division was to review and process permit applications for scientific research on species protected under the Endangered Species and Marine Mammal Protection Acts. 

Kate attended Penn State majoring in Environmental Resource Management and Marine Science.  She also has a Masters of Environmental Management from Duke University with an emphasis in Coastal Environmental Management.