Celis Brisbin

NERN (2017)

Management graduate


Lexington, Massachusetts

Personal pronouns: He, him, his

I am an ELP SF because it targets the specific need of the environment, leadership. The environment, with the goal of sustainability, affects each level of our society. Growth rate, climate adaptation and reconciling remediation with the polarized economies of the world are all topics which leaders are now forced to reckon. Our collective ability to mitigate changes and re-invent transportation, industry and our building stock towards sustainability will define our humanity. Technology is evolving, but we lack the leadership to move communities, economic centers and societies towards a net positive future.

It was in the Peace Corps where my commitment to solving the climate issue was galvanized. I witnessed the most vulnerable communities impacted by record droughts and storms. The combination of these events decimated crops, hungered the impoverished and destabilized a nation. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I knew that the United States has the highest emission per capita while also having the greatest resources and voice to remedy this global issue. Upon my completion of service, I returned to the United States driven by my commitment to be the voice for stakeholders affected by climate change and to work towards a solution.

Spending the next few years in renewable energy and then looking at the greater context of building design, efficiency and operation, I am now able to lead a community of stakeholders on this important work. My role at the US Green Building Council has me interfacing with the leaders of the environmental movement and engaging firms and individuals on the impact of buildings on the environment, 54% of CO2 emissions in Massachusetts to be exact.