Dylan Cullen

National (2018)

Learning & Development Coordinator

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Burlington, Vermont

Personal pronouns: They, them, theirs

Dylan likes to cause trouble. They are compelled to thoughtfully disrupt stagnant bullsh*t and challenge the status quo when it fails to serve all people and serve all people well. They are drawn to engaging deeply with questions, conversations, and actions centering around issues of justice, community, and other existentially stimulating topics. Professionally, Dylan works as a facilitator, adult educator, and one-on-one coach. They find the puzzle of human interaction to be equally fascinating and frustrating.

Dylan is currently exploring moving into the realm of disaster recovery and community resilience work. Dylan is interested in exploring what it means for communities experiencing the collective trauma of climate disaster to heal their social infrastructure (the established ways of living together that define the relationships, routines, rituals, values, and norms that enable and bolster social cohesion) in ways that meaningfully subvert and resist the recreation or maintenance of systemic modalities of oppression.

Dylan also loves bees - a lot. They will happily engage in a conversation about pollinators of all shapes and sizes at any time.