Urdanivia Claudia

ERN (2019)

Outreach Coordinator

NYC Parks, GreenThumb

Woodside, New York

Claudia Urdanivia is a community development practitioner and food systems professional currently based in Queens. She hails from Lima, Peru and North Jersey, and holds a Master’s Degree in Anthropology from Hunter College with a focus on food studies and Andean studies. Claudia has worked in various capacities to uplift the voices of  communities of color through developing and sustaining community garden spaces in New Jersey and, most recently, the Bronx. She is also a food systems educator for youth and adults, and has experience facilitating popular education workshops. As a longtime gardener, Claudia has recently experimented with growing Andean crops from her homeland, such as aji amarillo and huacatay. She is passionate about Andean cultures, indigenous agricultural knowledge, food sovereignty, and the well-being of our planet. Most recently, she began the Master Composter program at the Queens Botanical Garden.