Rachel O'Leary

PRN (2019)

Interim Director

City Plants

South Pasadena, California

Personal pronouns: She, her, hers

Rachel currently works for the City of Los Angeles' urban forestry program, City Plants, where she directs communications, mitigation projects, grant writing, and program operations. The City Plants collaborative plants and distributes 20,000 trees each year in Los Angeles and envisions a Los Angeles in which people in every neighborhood have equal access to trees and their benefits: clean air, energy efficiency, better health, cooling shade, and friendlier, more vibrant communities.

Rachel has written and been awarded two large grants for City Plants — one planting trees in parks and the other working on the first step toward an Urban Forest Management Plan for the City of Los Angeles. Rachel comes to the urban forestry, environmental justice, and climate resilience world with a background in environmental education, and she holds a BS in Environmental Science from the University of Southern California.

Rachel was born in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles into a family of nature enthusiasts and tree lovers. She spent a large part of her childhood climbing the crape myrtle and avocado trees in her backyard, and she traces her love of trees to those formative moments. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys discovering new and unfamiliar pockets of LA, experimenting with cyanotype sun prints, hiking, and yoga. She is honored to have the opportunity to work to expand access to green space in the city she calls home.