Lisa Bjerke

NERN (2019)

Project Manager, Change Management

Boston, Massachusetts

Personal pronouns: They, them, theirs

Lisa Bjerke works at GreenerU as the senior program manager for change management. There she facilitates strategic planning processes and supports sustainability implementation within and across higher education institutions. She was a 2013 T.J. Watson fellow, researching human relationships to waste and resources in Germany, India, China, and Japan through the lens of organic materials management. Lisa has an M.Phil in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic and grew up in Malmo, Sweden.

Lisa lives and serves on the board of Beacon Hill Friends House, a community center with intentional residency in downtown Boston. She is an avid runner, kayaker, soccer player, and climber. She loves cross-country skiing, crocheting, and sewing. 

Lisa is involved in her global and local communities as a volunteer at St Francis House, the zero-waste collaboration with Clean Water Action, and a coordinator within her high school network, United World College. 

She has a passion for anything discarded resources: Is It a Waste to Call It Waste?