Ryan Llamas

PRN (2019)

Program Associate

Audubon Society

Morongo Valley, California

Personal pronouns: He, him, his

I am from San Diego, CA of mixed descent, Mexican and Anglo. I received a BSc in Environmental Science & Management from Humboldt State University in 2013 and then I moved to southern/central México to live and work in an indigenous community within a federal Biosphere Reserve. While assisting the community to implement sustainable land-use strategies that were in line with traditional, pre-hispanic land management practices, I learned that human land use can actually form a reciprocal relationship between humans and the earth, where humans work to enhance vulnerable ecosystems, and the earth in turn becomes more productive, and thereby more attractice to wildlife.

Professionally I am most interested in sustainability in terms of reciprocity between (hu)man and nature. Currently I work with Audubon California at the Salton Sea performing biological monitoring to see and show how the rapid drying of California's largest body of water is affecting wildlife in the context of broader loss of wetlands in the State and along the Pacific Flyway.