Angela Powell

National (2014)

Gardens & Sustainability Coordinator


Greetings! My name is Angela and I have a diverse range of environmental service work experience that has given me valuable ground level insight to applying environmental ethic into practice and organizing a project, team, or community. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, specializing in Agroecology and Community Sustainability. I have been studying horticulture, permaculture, and ecologically and socially responsible forms of farming and gardening for several years. My insight is valuable for environmental design and social ecology as in regenerative job creation, education reform, training curriculum or core assimilation and function, rewilding and restoration organization, eco-tourism, science interpretation, youth or adult crew training and development, habitat/ecological restoration & conservation, public outreach, people in the environment, group facilitation, asset mapping, resource management, and program design and training. If you have the resources, I can get you the vision and plan. If you have an organization or project and are stagnant, I can help. 

As a deep ecologist, I am interested in field of cognitive behavorial eco-therapy and it's several applications in society.There is magic in the garden, people heal with direct contact with nature. I specialize in building collective spirit, environmental thought leadership, creative problem solving and collaboration, curriculum design, training, group facilitation, land management planning to include ecological factors, regenerative resource management and logistic planning, youth empowerment, restoration management, education reform, extension coordination and community cultural/ environmental transitions. 

Practically, I am a nurturer. I am excellent in plant, land, animal care and I strongly feel the importance of empowering youth and community members in this manner. Intellectually, I am most interested in the field of ecological restoration and conservation and the incorporation of holistic management into outdated un-sustaining practices. Socially, I am interested in eco-psychology and education reform. I have a skill at finding the root issues of stagnation and digression in an individual, environment, policy or office setting and can add creative and tactful professional advice, specialized ceremony, group orientation and team building activities. I would like to help enhance a companies outreach and inclusion initiatives and work on education reform. I can help design or breathe new life into projects and initiatives broadly with the deficit and triple bottom line in mind, I can help connect dots, bridge gaps and form productive partnerships across sectors as they include living and working in the natural world. I can help bring harmony and light to your programs potential growth. It's time to heal ourselves, heal the land and heal our communities.

      I am an artist, care provider, student, teacher, creative problem solver, deep ecologist, naturalist and an environmental advocate. I often serve as a catalyst or disruptive innovator as I help raise awareness in places that have unfair or less efficient environmental processes or practices.  In busy communities am interested in alternative credit systems, alternative school programs that get youth outdoors and in the community, garden integration, regenerative education and closing skill gaps, extensions, helping non-profits or businesses organize partnerships regarding habitat restoration and carbon sequestration or educational curriculum for the public. I am interested in garden landscaping and green space concept design, permaculture, climate and garden education, food forest design, garden installation, and relative coordination. I am a woman of creative vision and I am excited at the opportunities to meet new people and share my time in processing the paths that lead to harmonious, productive and regenerative environments. I look forward to being of service, meeting like minds and creating an environment we cannot just exist but really thrive in! :) Whether its trucking hay for critters or compost, or designing strategy for environmental logistical planning and education reform, my diversity of experience in service and traveling on a path of honoring our earth makes me a unique and valuable team member! What can we create together?


The following is a list of some of the awards and organizations I have had the privilege of serving with seasonally:

Holistic Management International- Scholarship recipient and training in Whole Farm and Ranch Business Management

Ecology Action-Grow BioIntensive Field Certified

Solar Living Institute- Environmental Education and Communications Intern

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions-Wilderness Field Guide for at risk youth

Student Conservation Association-Desert Restoration Corps Field Member

Willing Workers On Organic Farms(8 farms and ranches)-Farm hand

Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center( BGSA) -Youth development, Naturalist and Farm hand

Fellowship For Intentional Communities-Fellow community member at SLC Green Street Urban Garden

Grid Alternatives- Volunteer PV Installer

Southeast Alaskan Guidance Association-Trail Crew Field Leader, Trail Crew member(2 terms)

Division Of Forestry- Forestry Stewardship Intern

AmeriCorps Alumni