Anika Andrews-Spilman

ERN (2007)

  I am a graduate of the Richard Stockton College of NJ (RSC) with a Dual B.S. degree in Marine Science and Environmental Studies. I have spent much of my career focusing on biological survey work. As a student at RSC, I interned with NJ State Aquarium, Gardner's  Basin and Wetlands Institute as well as assisted several of my professors with their icthyological surveys. In addition to my studies in NJ, I have worked in Southwestern Florida doing loggerhead sea turtle nesting research with Conservancy of Southwest Florida and environmental education and outreach with National Audubon Society. I currently work as a Senior Environmental Specialist with NJ Department of Environmental Protection. During my nine and a half year tenure with the Department, I have worked as a Project Manager for Freshwater Wetland and Flood Hazard Permitting and Freshwater Wetlands Mitigation projects. At present, I conduct reviews of endangered and threatened species in northern NJ. My responsibilities include equal parts desktop assessments and field work. During the spring and summer months, I spend a good portion of my time out in the field conducting habitat suitability evaluations. Additionally, I am in the process of obtaining my certification as a US Fish and Wildlife Service qualified bog turtle surveyor.