Todd Callaghan

NERN (2007)

Todd Callaghan is a biologist at the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management where he evaluates the environmental impacts of discharges to and withdrawals from coastal waters. He also assists in designing monitoring and mitigation plans for these impacts. Recently, Todd helped write a statewide policy for siting and operating desalination plants and reviewed environmental impacts of offshore LNG terminals and wind turbines. Todd also collaborates with DEP, using molecular methods for identifying sources of bacterial pollution. Todd is a board member of the Regional Association for Research in the Gulf of Maine and the Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System. Todd volunteers for the Mystic River Watershed Association and helps manage the Commonwealth's volunteer monitoring grant program. His current interest is in assessing the contaminants in fish and communicating these results to the public. Previously he was a science advisory panel member of the South Boston beaches CSO cleanup.