Lisa Yeager

PNWRN (2020)

Graduate Student

Miami University

Seattle, Washington

Personal pronouns: My preferred pronouns are not listed

After a long track record in private consulting, higher ed, and municipal government, I returned for a second master's degree with Miami University's Project Dragonfly, grounded in social and ecological change. I'm excited about leveraging my program and operations management expertise along with my volunteer environmental education, civic engagement, and applied improvisation experience to help make a difference for conservation and climate change.

In 2021, I was awarded a CEE-Change fellowship with the North American Association for Environmental Education. As part of that 18-month role, I am engaging with other practitioners to address the intersection of environmental education and civic engagement. My project, in partnership with Seattle's Unexpected Productions Improv theater, is focused on using the power of improv to help train volunteers in unexpected, informal learning environments talk about climate change.