Ian Yue

DEWN (2021)

Mediator and Program Associate

Meridian Institute

Dover, Delaware

Personal pronouns: He, him, his

Ian Yue joined Meridian Institute in June 2021, where his projects focus primarily on ocean policy and climate change.

Ian has spent the last 10 years engaging diverse stakeholder groups on a variety of coastal management and climate initiatives. He has specialized in leveraging science communication, focus group and public workshop facilitation, and survey-based assessment and evaluation to advance more inclusive and informed approaches to environmental planning. Prior to joining Meridian, he authored and helped lead the development of Delaware’s first statewide climate action plan and coordinated the creation of a comprehensive natural resource and human use inventory for Connecticut’s Long Island Sound “Blue Plan” marine spatial planning effort.

Originally from the Twin Cities, Minnesota, Ian now lives in northern Delaware, where you’ll find him active in his church community, playing pick-up games of sand volleyball, or reveling in musical theatre (both onstage and off!).