How do I Nominate Someone? 

Thanks for asking! You can nominate people anytime with these 2 quick steps:

1.  Fill out this nomination form to fill out. This is the most important step.

The other thing you can do that makes a nomination even more powerful is...

2. Send a short, friendly email to the nominee.

If you do so, you could:

a) cc ELP staff 

b) let the nominee know that they've been nominated and for which program 

c) tell them why (i.e. why you think ELP is valuable and worth it and why you think the nominee is great and how ELP would help them step even more into their greatness).

d) if it feels appropriate, make a more personal introduction between the nominee and ELP staff. "I'm ccing Juan on this so that you can reach out to him directly if you have questions and because he's a great guy and his passion for forest bathing aligns with your interest in ____"

This is a variation of "closing the triangle" from network weaving. Our hypothesis (supported by a lot of recruitment data) is that when people feel a personal connection from the nominator and to a staffer, they will be more likely to follow-up, apply, and become a Fellow.