Soft Skills and Civility Primer

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Thursday, January 9, 2020
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Hello cohort! I wanted to share this brief primer I wrote on Soft Skills and Civility. I wrote this during a stressfull time at a place of employment. Often times changemakers feel alone, even if you are the manager or the manager is the one causing problems because a lack of mindful leadership skills. The writing practice allowed me to contemplate more on how both parties could be feeling and instead of quiting or escalting tensions, I decided to write out my frustrations and turn it into something productive. Maybe others can find this useful or inspirational if you are a entreprenuer, leader, a manager or simply would like more tools on your path of mindful leadership and working on productive healthy interpersonal realtionships in the work place. After I wrote this and sent it to my manager and director I recieved  accolades as they said they were impressed and appreciated my initiative and that they would try to incorporate my primer in to thier trainings. If you oversee people and find yourself having to play therapist or peacemaker in your office, it might be a good idea to have some sort of mindfulness themed workshop or meeting and consider incorporating this into your companies core values system. This document can help you touch upon some of the basics as it mentions common psychological conditions and situations or experiences in the workplace such as toxic mindsets and empathy. The following is meant to be expanded upon in a companies personalized meeting or training.I do not mind if you use this but if you would let me know that its useful to you. If you like this primer and would like more insight on designing a meeting or workshop on workplace mindfulness and navigating interpersonal realtionships I would be happy to collaborate with you in your business!