Brett Still, Ph.D

Regional Network: 
New England Regional Network
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CELS Lecturer, Master of Environmental Science & Management Program Coordinator
University of Rhode Island, Dept. of Natural Resources Science
Kingston, RI

Growing up in western Massachusetts, I experienced the joys of nature and outdoor adventures at an early age.  I grew up fishing and hunting with my father and brother, and have always enjoyed spending as much time as possible exploring natural environments, from the mountains and forests to the coastal zone of New England and beyond.  These experiences lead me down my current path, aligning my love of the natural environment with wildlife and natural resources conservation.  I am currently a lecturer and graduate program coordinator at the University of Rhode Island, in the Dept. of Natural Resources Science.  

Throughout my 18 year career, I have worked with non-profits, academic researchers, governmental agencies, and private consulting companies on a diverse suite of natural resources and wildlife management projects around the country and abroad. These projects have encompassed threatened and endangered species ecology and management; coastal and freshwater wetland delineation, assessment, and restoration; benthic habitat assessment; fresh water fisheries ecology;  groundwater and site remediation; shellfish and aquaculture management; and most recently, studies of seabird and shorebird movement ecology across the southern New England continental shelf in the context of offshore wind energy development.   These experiences as an environmental consultant, research scientist, and educator have provided me with a range of perspectives that I will explore and share with students in the classroom, field, and laboratory. These experiences have provided me with a range of perspectives that I share with students in the classroom, and bring to the table when involved in collaborative projects.