Alexander Cupo

Regional Network: 
Delaware River Watershed Network
Class Year: 
Southeast PA Outreach Coordinator
Philadelphia, PA

As a Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh’s Dietrich’s School of Arts & Sciences I have come away with incredible experiences and academic and professional relationships that have driven me ever more strongly towards a career in the environment. In December 2015, I graduated with a major in Environmental Studies, as well as a minor in Political Science, and a Global Studies Certificate. These accomplishments had been the focus of my time spent at the University of Pittsburgh, as they not only served as academic interests, but also passions. As a child, I became interested in the environment, and then impassioned by what was becoming of it. This is where my love and interest in public policy grew, from the need to make a difference in the way that we viewed the environment. I have completed my term as an AmeriCorps ResilienceCorps Fellow with the City of Pittsburgh, where I worked to help strengthen the city's communities, to make them more resilient to the various shocks and stressors that the City anticipates from climate change. I am very excited to now work for PennFuture as their Southeast PA Outreach Coordinator, working throughout Philadelphia and the Southeast region to further PennFuture's mission as Pennsylvania's watchdog for clean air, pure water, and a healthy climate.