Veena Dharmaraj

Regional Network: 
New England Regional Network
Class Year: 
Coordinator & Zero Emission Bus Organizer
Cambridge Compact for a Sustainable Future & Sierra Club
Waltham, MA

As Zero Emission Bus Organizer with Sierra Club, Veena works on advocacy for transit agencies to invest in electric buses. In that role, she engages with local and state policy makers, supports public and media outreach and builds partnerships with like-minded environmental organizations to accelerate transit fleet electrification in Massachusetts.

Veena also works at the Cambridge Compact for a Sustainable Future, a community partnership between the city, local businesses, non-profits and universities that leverages the strengths of its member organizations to address the issues of climate change. She facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing between member organizations on sustainability initiatives that can be used as replicable models for others. Veena manages the development, planning and execution of program initiatives and works closely with the Executive Committee and Board of Directors to advance the Compacts mission.

Prior to that Veena managed the implementation of a green housing rating and certification program at the International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC) in India. Veena has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a post graduate degree in Pollution Control Technology from Mumbai University.

Veena enjoys running half marathons, sitting under majestic trees at the Arnold Arboretum, cooking and reading.