Aseel Rasheed

Regional Network: 
Delaware River Watershed Network
Class Year: 
Director of Interpreation and Visitor Experience
Bartram's Garden
Philadelphia, PA

I believe that the way that we engage with non-human nature is impacted by our cultural experiences adn larger societal structures such that we each engage with nature differently. This idea is at the focal point of the work that I endeavor to do.

At Bartram's Garden, I am the Director of Interpretation and Visitor Experience. I work to widen and deepen the telling of the story of the land to ensure that there is room for all of us. Prior to working in this field, I worked as an immigration paralegal, as well as a private cater, a bread baker, and a scientist at a biotech company.

I am most grateful for the people that surround me every day - my family, my friends, my extraordinarily generous colleagues, and all the park goers I meet at the Garden - who support me and are always teaching me how to do my work better.