Margaret Rohde

Regional Network: 
Delaware River Watershed Network
Class Year: 
Conservation Manager
Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association

I grew up in Northern New Jersey, where I spent most of my days outside, fishing, hiking, herping, birding, and exploring the lakes and woods around my home. I graduated in 2012 from Washington College with a degree in Environmental Studies and until 2015, worked on avian research projects throughout the north and southeast, typically as a field technician or banding assistant, so only 3-5 months in each position. It was fun to move around and always meet new people, have cool experiences, and work in different habitat types and with different species, but I was glad to finally be staying in one place when I moved to PA and started working for the Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association (WVWA) in early 2015.

For the first two years of my time with the WVWA, I was the Naturalist and in charge of nature programs and inepretive hikes, etc, and established a small, summer banding station to study breeding birds at one of our preserves where we are really working to improve the habitats present. After a couple years of that, I moved into the role of Stewardship Coordinator, which meant my work shifted to mostly trail and property maintenance, conservation planning, and bird population monitoring (which I much preffered, given my introvertedness and that I favor being alone on a tractor to leading a group!). Now, I'm the Conservation Manager and still responsible for planning and implementing habitat management and restoration projects on our lands, for working with outside contractors on larger restoration projects, securing grants for such work, overseeing trail and preserve maintenance, and managing wildlife and vegetation monitoring activities.

I am super into birds, and they are why I am passionate about what I do and so happy to be doing it. I'm a North Amerian Banding Council Certified Bird Bander, County Coordinator for Philadelphia County for the Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania, and serve on Wyncote Audubon's Board of Directors.