Elizabeth Scrafford

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Great Lakes Regional Network
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I'm an organizer working on the Beyond Coal Campaign in Central and Southern Illinois. I've been with the Sierra Club for 4 1/2 years and live in Springfield, IL. I believe in organizing and love it, even though it's a super exhausting job. I spend too much time thinking and talking about politics and am convinced a lack of imagination is one of our biggest political issues.

I grew up in Northern Idaho and have been in Illinois since 2008. I moved to Chicago with some friends and eventually found my way to DePaul University. I studied religion/culture + peace, justice, and conflict resolution and can meander my way into any hot topic political conversation I am eavesdropping on.

I have a love for Chinese food (even spent a year living in China), music of all kinds, diagnosing myself and friends on Web MD, and clean laundry. I binge watch The Office like it's my job, spend too much time in my car, can tweet up a storm for fun or work, and live with my two obnoxious and needy cats. I think the best way to describe myself is as a very friendly and outgoing introvert.