Allison Gost Breitenother

Regional Network: 
Chesapeake Regional Network
Class Year: 
Program Manager
University of Maryland & Maryland Department of Health
Pasadena, MD

I am an applied environmental public health professional working in Maryland. My background includes a lifelong love of, interest and focus in the environment which culminated in a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Maryland in 2012. Following graduation, I worked full time at the Department of Geographical Sciences in grants management while pursuing my Masters in Public Health from the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health. I sought a public health degree after recognizing I was interested in the intersection of human and environmental health while in undergraduate study. My masters program included an internship with the ScienceBEAT team: an interdisciplinary team of researchers and educators who co-developed and piloted climate change educational curriculum for Prince George's County Schools in Maryland, as well as a thesis focused on understanding how the fracking debate had manifested on social media in Maryland prior to the state ban on drilling. Since the fall of 2016, I have served as the Program Manager for the Climate and Health Adaptation Program, a partnership between the University of Maryland School of Public Health and the Maryland Department of Health. My overall professional goals are to continue to work in the State of Maryland (where I was born, raised, and educated) to further climate action and ensure that all Marylander's have safe, equitable access to all resources - financial, environmental, physical, and public - that they need to survive, thrive and life a life they choose both now and into the future as Maryland continues to experience impacts from climate change. I am a lover of stories and community, and will always be open to discussions and dialogue should you find yourself interested in engaging.