Sidra Fatima

Regional Network: 
Great Lakes Regional Network
Class Year: 
Associate Program Officer, American Cities Program
The Kresge Foundation
Detroit, MI

Sidra is an Associate Program Officer for the American Cities Program at the Kresge Foundation, based in Detroit, Michigan. She supports the team's work in equitable community and economic development that serves the most vulnerable populations across Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans, and Fresno; as well as to strengthen citywide networks towards eliminating poverty. Previously, Sidra was working on her Master's in Urban Planning at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard, focusing on climate adaptation, and housing and community development. During this time, she studied issues of climate gentrification, climate migration, thinking there would be a technical solution, but came away with a heightened understanding that community systems and social resiliency are a key aspect towards more sustainable and adaptable cities. While in Boston, Sidra also held positions with the City of Boston’s Community Preservation Department and was involved with creating the Community Development Learning Initiative at Harvard University.

Prior to graduate school, Sidra worked as an environmental planner for a transportation firm in California, securing environmental compliance for road and highway improvement projects. She also has experience in planning at the municipal scale, and has worked in private land entitlement toward residential and commercial development. She is a graduate from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, receiving a B.S. in Urban and Regional Planning with a minor in Geographic Information Systems, and a focus on environmental planning.