Kathryn Ford

Regional Network: 
New England Regional Network
Class Year: 
Habitat Program Manager
Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
New Bedford, MA

I manage the Fisheries Habitat Program at the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries. This program conducts fisheries habitat research with a focus on seafloor mapping and classification, eelgrass research and restoration, artificial reef research, climate change assessment, environmental review of coastal construction activities including offshore wind, and ocean planning. As a program manager, I supervise staff, conduct strategic planning, develop operating procedures, represent the agency on ocean planning and resource management committees, and write policy documents and technical reports relevant to marine spatial planning, marine habitat identification, and best management practices for resource protection in the coastal zone. I go out on boats too! My research focus is on hydroacoustic and optical seafloor mapping methods (Biosonics, side scan sonar, multibeam sonar, plan-view and towed video, drones). I am from Winchester, MA and I currently live in South Dartmouth, MA with my husband, two sons, and two cats.