Gerod Rody

Regional Network: 
Pacific Northwest Regional Network
Class Year: 
Senior Strategist
New York, NY

Gerod nimbly connects future-driven vision with pragmatically optimistic action. Attracted to intersections, he finds fresh opportunities in the spaces between established business practices and shifting cultural norms. With time at ?What If!, Valtech, and other leading agencies, Gerod has accelerated innovation strategies in healthcare, developed new categories in food & beverage, and brought disruptive ideas to life in mainstream retail.

Gerod applies his entrepreneurial creativity with clients ranging from social enterprise to luxury retail. He’s equipped with an MBA in Sustainable Business and experience as both client and consultant with some of the most purpose-driven companies and organizations in the country. He is also the founder of OUT for Sustainability, the leading LGBTQ nonprofit dedicated to building a Fabulous Planet.

Gerod finds deep pleasure trying new restaurants in NYC and beyond, is appropriately obsessed with Sweden, and is happy to share that his name is pronounced /’jer-ed ‘roh-dee/.